Best brain foods

The best brain foods are the foods that will help you improve your mental functions such as concentration, memory, moods and more. Here are some excellent choices for stronger and better functioning brain power.

1. Mixed Nuts.
Mixed nuts contain arginine in high amounts which provide a calming effect. Research has shown that those without this amino acid were even much more anxious, while those taking this amino acid were much more calmer and relaxed.

2. Spinach and geafy greens for great moods.

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What helps brain memory

Memory is an important element on the human brain that strengthens and enhance social relationships. Memory is mainly associated with the art of remembering. The most common conditions associated with bad brain memory are dementia and Alzheimer Disease. Dementia is a progressive syndrome that leads to deterioration of brain to such an extent that the person affected cannot perform everyday activities. It mainly affects the older people. Alzheimer Disease is the leading cause of dementia which progressively lead to loss of memory and other cognitive skills. Brain memory is very important and the following are ways to boost brain memory:

Brain exercises.
A good way to achieve this is by undertaking puzzles, riddles and other activities that encourage one to use his/her cognitive skills to accomplish the task. Such activities stimulate the brain neurons to be able to remember information and to process faster so as to tackle such challenges when encountered later.

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