What helps brain memory

Memory is an important element on the human brain that strengthens and enhance social relationships. Memory is mainly associated with the art of remembering. The most common conditions associated with bad brain memory are dementia and Alzheimer Disease. Dementia is a progressive syndrome that leads to deterioration of brain to such an extent that the person affected cannot perform everyday activities. It mainly affects the older people. Alzheimer Disease is the leading cause of dementia which progressively lead to loss of memory and other cognitive skills. Brain memory is very important and the following are ways to boost brain memory:

Brain exercises.
A good way to achieve this is by undertaking puzzles, riddles and other activities that encourage one to use his/her cognitive skills to accomplish the task. Such activities stimulate the brain neurons to be able to remember information and to process faster so as to tackle such challenges when encountered later.

Fighting off stress
Stress,depression and anxiety are very dangerous as they affect the brain cells located at the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain tasked with retrieval and retention of memory. Meditation can be used to fight off the above mentioned conditions due to its ability to strengthen the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for feelings of joy.

Physical exercises.
Such exercises are helpful to the brain as they increase the flow of oxygen to the brain helping the brain stay active. Regular exercises are encouraged as they lead to new formation of neuron connection within the brain. Through exercises brain memory is boosted especially those exercises that involve intricate motor skills.

Getting enough sleep
It has been proven that sleep improves memory retention. The average time for an adult to sleep is 8 hours and failure to get the correct amount of sleep affects creative and cognitive thinking. Sleep is essential in memory consolidation.

Building social relationships
One of the most important aspect of humans lies in his/her social relations. Humans are naturally primed to be social beings therefore brain health is highly dependent on strong bonds fostered in the social atmosphere. A strong social support helps in boosting the brain capabilities . A research done by Harvard students found out that those people with active social life have a very slow memory deterioration.

Laughter has been linked with engaging areas of the brain responsible for creativity. Through laughter multiple regions of the brain are activated thus encouraging new formation of neural pathways boosting the brain mental condition.

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